Pretty Broom

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Pretty Broom
Pretty broom.png
"Sweep sweep sweep~ ♪"
Type: Equip
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 20 NP
How to Obtain

Pretty Broom is an item you can equip that allows you to sweep various locations once a day.


Several locations allow you to use the !!sweep command. When sweeping, you can find items or Nyam Points. In some locations, sweeping has other effects too. Sweeping can only be done once a day total in most locations. Only after the 24 hour cooldown is up can you sweep again.

Sweeping in Boroto's Workshop when it needs to be cleaned is the one exception to this. It has its own one hour cooldown, completely separate from sweeping in any other location.

List of Sweeping Rewards

Location Items Amount Chance Other
Magic Fountain Leaves 1-10* 100% *Amount varies based on how long ago it's last been swept; each hour adds 1 more leaves.
Nursery Nyam Points 10-20 100% -
Eggshell 1 49%
Cleaner Chockin 1 1%
Boroto's Workshop Nyam Points 10-20 100% When the workshop needs to be cleaned, one hour is removed from the cleaning time. Sweeping to clean it has its own cooldown; unlike all other sweeping, you can clean the workshop once an hour.
The Bank Nyam Points 10-20 100% -
Black Mice Chockin 1 0.33%
Gray Mice Chockin 1 0.33%
White Mice Chockin 1 0.33%
Lon's Potions Shop Nyam Points 10-20 100% -
Bottle Cap 1 24.5%
Empty Can 1 24.5%
Shiny Coin 1 1%
Backpack Unlocker's Hut Nyam Points 10-20 100% -
Any Key 1 10%
Planty Bros. Farm Nyam Points 10-20 100% -
Leaves 1 50%
Random seed 1 50%