Boroto's Workshop

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Boroto, currently waving hello to you.

Boroto's Workshop is a location where you can craft new items.

How to Use

This workshop lets you take your own items and use them to craft something new. This is done by using the !!create command. The items used to craft it will be used up in the process. Each item you can make has a chance of exploding when you try to craft it. Your items won't be used up if this happens, but the workshop will closed for cleaning for 1-3 hours after this happens. You don't necessarily have to wait, however; sweeping the workshop with a Pretty Broom will remove an hour from the cleaning time.

Some items require owning specific Tools to craft. These tools don't need to be equipped and won't be used up afterwards. Just having it in your inventory is enough.


!!create (amount) (item)
Used to craft item(s). Note: Amount specifies how many times crafting will occur. Some recipes give multiple items, even when done only once. (!!create 1 cotton uses 1 pom fruit to create 2 cotton, !!create 2 cotton uses 2 pom fruit to create 4 cotton, etc.)

Sweeps the workshop if you have a Pretty Broom equipped. Check the Pretty Broom page for more information.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.

Craftable Items

Name Item Chance Recipe Other
Snowball Snowball.png 99% Snow x2 -
Snowtori Snowtori.png 85% Snowball x2
Snow x1
Branch x2
Coal x1
Orange Banana x2
Green Grass x1
Flower Crown Flower crown.png 85% Mintish Flowers x2
Starlight Flowers x2
Forgetful Flowers x2
Magenta Flowers x2
Colorful Bouquet Colorful Bouquet.png 75% Cyan Flowers x2
Pinkish Flowers x2
Mintish Flowers x2
Starlight Flowers x2
Forgetful Flowers x2
Magenta Flowers x2
Cotton x2 Cotton.png 95% Pom Fruit x1 -
Cotton Thread x2 Cotton Thread.png 90% Cotton x1 -
Cotton Fabric Cotton Fabric.png 80% Cotton Thread x10 -
Eyed Cotton Eyed cotton.png 80% Cotton x1
Cotton Thread x1
Coal x1
Sand Castle Sand castle.png 50% Sand x100
Bunch of Tiny Flags x1
Requires Bucket
Simple Hammer Simple Hammer.png 60% Liana Rope x1
Branch x1
Gray Stone x2
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot.png 90% Iron Ore x2 Requires Simple Hammer
Gold Ingot Gold ingot.png 70% Gold Ore x2 Requires Simple Hammer
Iron Axe Iron Axe.png 60% Branch x1
Iron Ingot x1
Requires Simple Hammer
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe.png 60% Branch x1
Iron Ingot x1
Requires Simple Hammer
Hammerken Hammerken.png 95% Simple Hammer x4
Liana Rope x1