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Tools are a type of item that has can be used for a certain purpose, often for crafting things.

How to Use

Tools are very easy to use. Most simply let you do things, such as create certain items or use a command. Unlike Equip Items, tools don't need to be equipped. Having it in your inventory is enough to use it.

List of Tools

Name Item Effect Where to Get
Shovel Shovel.png Used to dig in exploring locations. One use only. Lon's Potions Shop
Bucket Bucket.png Lets you craft a Sand Castle in Boroto's Workshop. Lon's Potions Shop
Seasonal Shop (summer)
Simple Hammer Simple Hammer.png Lets you craft several items in Boroto's Workshop. Boroto's Workshop
Iron Axe Iron Axe.png Used to chop down trees and bushes at Planty Bros. Farm. Boroto's Workshop
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe.png No current use. Boroto's Workshop