Lon's Potions Shop

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Lon, at his potions shop.

Lon's Potions Shop is a shop run by Lon where you can buy potions and other things. It is also the only place where you can sell your items.

How to Use

Here, you can buy and sell items using Nyam Points. While your buying options are limited to what's for sale, you can sell anything you want here. All the items for sale and their prices are listed on this page. If you'd like to know how many an item sells for, check that item's page.


!!buy (amount) (item)
Used to buy items you want. (Examples: !!buy 1 fire potion m, !!buy 5 shovel, etc.)

!!sell (amount) (item)
Used to sell items you own. (Examples: !!sell 1 shiny coin, !!sell 3 poko berry, etc.)

Sweeps the shop if you have a Pretty Broom equipped. Check the Pretty Broom page for more information.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.

Available Items

Basic Potions

Name Item Price
Potion of Change Potion of change.png 75 NP
Refresh Water S Refresh water s.png 25 NP
Refresh Water M Refresh water m.png 50 NP

Power Potions

Name Item Price
Beast Potion S Beast potion s.png 200 NP
Beast Potion M Beast potion m.png 300 NP
Insect Potion S Insect potion s.png 200 NP
Insect Potion M Insect potion m.png 300 NP
Tailor Potion S Tailor potion s.png 200 NP
Tailor Potion M Tailor potion m.png 300 NP
Ancient Potion S Ancient potion s.png 200 NP
Ancient Potion M Ancient potion m.png 300 NP
Air Potion S Air potion s.png 250 NP
Air Potion M Air potion m.png 350 NP
Fire Potion S Fire potion s.png 250 NP
Fire Potion M Fire potion m.png 350 NP
Growing Potion S Growing potion s.png 250 NP
Growing Potion M Growing potion m.png 350 NP
Water Potion S Water potion s.png 250 NP
Water Potion M Water potion m.png 350 NP
Light Potion S Light potion s.png 250 NP
Light Potion M Light potion m.png 350 NP
Crystal Potion S Crystal potion s.png 250 NP
Crystal Potion M Crystal potion m.png 350 NP
Aura Potion S Aura potion s.png 300 NP
Aura Potion M Aura potion m.png 500 NP
Sage Potion S Sage potion s.png 300 NP
Sage Potion M Sage potion m.png 500 NP
Prismatic Potion S Prismatic potion s.png 300 NP
Prismatic Potion M Prismatic potion m.png 500 NP
Shadow Potion S Shadow potion s.png 300 NP
Shadow Potion M Shadow potion m.png 500 NP


Name Item Price
Shovel Shovel.png 50 NP
Any Key Any key.png 100 NP
Neat Basket Neat basket.png 500 NP
Bucket Bucket.png 100 NP