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Lon 1.png
"Oh! Hello, bud ;D How could I help you?"
Type: NPCs
Ears: None
Head: Prismatic Material MT
Neck: None
Breast: None
Body: Sparkles MIX
(Shining Aura ATR + Light MT)
Wings: Prismatic Material MT
Legs: None
Tail: None

The owner of Lon's Potions Shop and one of the original Mascots of the Tori Dimension. Apart from being a shopkeeper he’s rumoured to be a skilled alchemist who makes all his own potions!


“As you can see, I'm pretty sparkle torimori! I have many cool things that you'll probably buy in my shop B) So, I'm almost black, I have a sparkle aura and I can levitate (nahh, I'm so lazy for flying around, lol). My feathers are also special, because can change its color. I love anything cool and unusual. Don't like to speak a lot, tbh, but I have to, because I'm shopkeeper, as I said before. I'm so naughty, pretty sassy, yeah, so I don't care if I will do something wrong (me is pretty troublesome, deal with it). But I love people, so I'll try to don't hurt someone. In additional, I'm pretty smart, so I'll do something here in free time. For example, sending invites to our main group!”



Tina is smol and pretty emotional lady :3 But she doesn't like when I called her like that. She is my 'sis', because we was created in the same time. What can I say in additional... Sometimes she's a bore. But sometimes she brings to our place much fun and many cool ideas, so I can say that I like her.“


“He is my friend, we like to spend some time together by doing something crazy! Together we are listening the music, exploring some new corners of our 'rooms', we also adore to find some new things and think about how to use it. He is so nice, I like Chibitori!”

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