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"I brought you some news and tips!"
Type: NPCs
Ears: None
Head: None
Neck: None
Breast: None
Body: None
Wings: None
Legs: None
Tail: None

Tina is one of the original Mascots of the Tori Dimension, and is in charge of the news and events around the community!


“ I'm pretty usual torimori without any abilities and I'm a lady, but selfless and confident lady! u v u I love contests, so I'm pretty competitive, by the way! Unlike my... 'brother'... I'm responsible, so you can trust me! Don't know if I should to tell more, but I very love art and I love news, of course! Also I'm pretty emotional and talkative a little~”



“ I think, Lon is a big trouble, but he is too charming to be angry on him >////< He called me 'sis', since we was created in the same time. However, we are not brother and sister, of course. Actually, I pretty like him, I think he is pretty kind, even if sometimes can be really naughty or even 'bad'.“


“ Oh, Chibitori is nice! He is not much talkative, but he loves to help me sometimes, so I always glad to see him and listen some advices that he gives to me.”

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