Seasonal Shop

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The Seasonal Shop is a shop where you can spend your Seasonal Currency. This shop has different items for each season, and a different currency for each season too.

How to Use

Items may be purchased using the various Seasonal Currencies, often simply referred to as candies. Each season has a different candy, and all purchases within that season will be with its respective candy. For example, you can only spend Sunflower Candy in the summer, even if you're buying an item that's available in all seasons.


!!buy (amount) (item)
Used to buy items you want. (Examples: !!buy 1 any key, !!buy 5 myo ticket, etc.)

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.

Available Items

Any Season

Name Item Price
Aura Potion S Aura potion s.png 12
Aura Potion M Aura potion m.png 16
MYO Ticket Myo ticket.png 30
Any Key Any key.png 4


Name Item Price
Brush Brush.png 3
Neat Basket Neat basket.png 24
Prismatic Potion S Prismatic potion s.png 12
Prismatic Potion M Prismatic potion m.png 16
Air Potion S Air potion s.png 9
Air Potion M Air potion m.png 12
Growing Potion S Growing potion s.png 9
Growing Potion M Growing potion m.png 12
Insect Potion S Insect potion s.png 9
Insect Potion M Insect potion m.png 12
Torimori Plush - Jester Cap Torimori plush - jester cap.png 6
Cotton Candy Cotton candy.png 3
Berubun Jester Cap Berubun jester cap.png 6
Tarot Card - 0 - The Fool Tarot card - 0 - the fool.png 6
Mikazu-in-the-box Mikazu-in-the-box.png 6
Plushy Rabbit Foot Charm Plushy rabbit foot charm.png 6
Bunny Ears Bunny ears.png 6
Bunny Plush Bunny plush.png 6


Name Item Price
Prismatic Potion S Prismatic potion s.png 12
Prismatic Potion M Prismatic potion m.png 16
Fire Potion S Fire potion s.png 9
Fire Potion M Fire potion m.png 12
Light Potion S Light potion s.png 9
Light Potion M Light potion m.png 12
Water Potion S Water potion s.png 9
Water Potion M Water potion m.png 12
Beach Umbrella Beach umbrella.png 6
Beach Ball Beach ball.png 6
Beach Hat Beach hat.png 6
Bucket Bucket.png 6


Name Item Price
Ancient Potion S Ancient potion s.png 9
Ancient Potion M Ancient potion m.png 12
Sage Potion S Sage potion s.png 12
Sage Potion M Sage potion m.png 16
Shadow Potion S Shadow potion s.png 12
Shadow Potion M Shadow potion m.png 16
Torimori Figurine - Mystery Torimori figurine - mystery.png 6
Torimori Plush - Vampire Torimori plush - vampire.png 6
Pumpkin Creature Plush Pumpkin creature plush.png 12
Tarot Card - XII - The Hanged Tori Tarot card - xii - the hanged tori.png 6
Mystery Rune 3 Mystery rune 3.png 6
Lica Candy Bag Lica candy bag.png 3
Blind Mikazu Candy Bag Blind mikazu candy bag.png 3
Toxic Mimitoka Candy Bag Toxic mimitoka candy bag.png 3
Skeleton Mocca Candy Bag Skeleton mocca candy bag.png 3
Fallen Torimori Candy Bag Fallen torimori candy bag.png 4


Name Item Price
Beast Potion S Beast potion s.png 9
Beast Potion M Beast potion m.png 12
Tailor Potion S Tailor potion s.png 9
Tailor Potion M Tailor potion m.png 12
Ancient Potion S Ancient potion s.png 9
Ancient Potion M Ancient potion m.png 12
Crystal Potion S Crystal potion s.png 9
Crystal Potion M Crystal potion m.png 12
Torimori Plush - Christmas Elf Torimori plush - christmas elf.png 6
Christmas Gift Box Christmas gift box.png 3
Christmas Bells Christmas bells.png 3
Christmas Omela Christmas omela.png 3
Christmas Candy Cane Christmas candy cane.png 3
Gingerbread Torimori Gingerbread torimori.png 3
Ice Bone Ice bone.png 12
Frozen Crown Frozen crown.png 12
Rainbow Sparkle Stocking Rainbow sparkle stocking.png 24