Rainbow Sparkle Stocking

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Rainbow Sparkle Stocking
Rainbow sparkle stocking.png
"Where did you find that? Anyway, you are lucky! This magic stocking contains a lot of stuff inside!"
Type: Container
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 50 NP
How to Obtain
Cold Valley
Seasonal Shop (Winter only)
Crystal Chest

Rainbow Sparkle Stocking is a special Container that gives out a variety of items when opened.

Each one drops four of the following items when opened, and if you open one during winter you'll receive a completely random extra item.

Name Item Amount
Rainbow Sparkler Rainbow sparkler.png 1
Shiny Coin Shiny coin.png 1
Big Shining Star Big shining star.png 1
Rainbow Egg Rainbow Egg.png 1
Rainbow Flower Rainbow Flower.png 1
Rainbow Shards Rainbow shards.png 1
Rainbow Glass Shards Rainbow glass shards.png 1
Rainbow Sparkle Lollipop Rainbow sparkle lollipop.png 1
Prismatic Potion M Prismatic potion m.png 1
Prismatic Potion S Prismatic potion s.png 1
Light Potion M Light potion m.png 1
Light Potion S Light potion s.png 1