Blind Mikazu Candy Bag

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Blind Mikazu Candy Bag
Blind mikazu candy bag.png
"A very old bag used to keep candies."
Type: Container
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 25 NP
How to Obtain
Seasonal Shop (Autumn only)

Blind Mikazu Candy Bag is a Container containing candy and other items.

Each one drops three of the following items when opened:

Name Item Amount
Pumpkin Candy Pumpkin candy.png 1
Striped Caramel Lollipop Striped caramel lollipop.png 1
Choco Shoco Bar Choco shoco bar.png 1
Halloween mini Cake Halloween mini cake.png 1
Chip with Ketchup Chip with ketchup.png 1
Candy Corn Candy corn.png 1
Orange Swirl Candy Orange swirl candy.png 1
Red and Black striped candy Red and black striped candy.png 1
Zip Pop Candy Zip pop candy.png 1
Blue Striped Candy Blue striped candy.png 1
Purple Swirl Lollipop Purple swirl lollipop.png 1
Black and Orange striped lollipop Black and orange striped lollipop.png 1
Koi Jellybean Koi jellybean.png 1
Sugar Cube Sugar cube.png 1
Rainbow Sparkle Lollipop Rainbow sparkle lollipop.png 1
Bitten Mikazu Candy Bitten mikazu candy.png 1
Radish Candy Radish candy.png 1
Ancient Potion M Ancient potion m.png 1
Ancient Potion S Ancient potion s.png 1