The Bank

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The Bank is a location where you can transfer Nyam Points and items, as well as equip items.

How to Use

The Bank has two main uses: transferring items and Nyam Points, and equipping items.

Transferring Items and NP

Sending items or NP to another player can be done by using the item transfer or NP transfer commands listed later this page. While NP transfers are unlimited, most items can't be traded. The ones you can trade or sell to other players include: Potions, Chockins, Shovels, and Any Key. Some items may be temporarily tradeable during events, however.

Equipping Items

Some items have useful effects or uses that require equipping it first to get. The Bank is where you can equip or unequip those items. Only one item can be equipped at once though, and equipping another will unequip the first. You can also only equip a new item once every twelve hours.


!!np transfer to (username) (NP amount)
Sends NP to another player.

!!item transfer to (username) (amount) (item)
Sends item(s) to another player. Only some items may be transferred.

!!equip (item)
Equips an Equip item. Only one item may be equipped at once, and you may only equip a new item once every twelve hours.

!!equip info
Shows information about your current equipped item.

Unequips your current item.

Sweeps the shop if you have a Pretty Broom equipped. Check the Pretty Broom page for more information.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.