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A short chockin guide.

"they are cool"

Chockins are the most common type of Shape. They are usually obtained from hatching Eggs, although some can be found in other ways.

List of Chockins

From Eggs

These Chockins all come from Eggs and are hatched in the Nursery.

Name Chockin How to Get
Yellow Chockin Yellow chockin.png Common Egg (60%)
Beige Chockin Beige chockin.png Common Egg (40%)
Brown Chockin Brown chockin.png Common Egg (40%)
Raccoon Chockin Raccoon chockin.png Common Egg (30%)
Albino Chockin Albino chockin.png Common Egg (1%)
Melan Chockin Melan chockin.png Common Egg (1%)
Light Blue Chockin Light blue chockin.png Cloud Egg (60%)
Cloudy Chockin Cloudy chockin.png Cloud Egg (40%)
Disappearing Chockin Disappearing chockin.png Cloud Egg (10%)
Winged Sky Chockin Winged sky chockin.png Cloud Egg (10%)
Snow Chockin Snow chockin.png Crystal Egg (60%)
Light Pink Chockin Light pink chockin.png Crystal Egg (60%)
Ice Chockin Ice chockin.png Crystal Egg (40%)
Robot Chockin Robot chockin.png Crystal Egg (10%)
Crystal Chockin Crystal chockin.png Crystal Egg (10%)
Planty Chockin Planty chockin.png Egg of Nature (60%)
Mossy Chockin Mossy chockin.png Egg of Nature (40%)
Blossom Chockin Blossom chockin.png Egg of Nature (40%)
Chockin with a Flower Chockin with a flower.png Egg with a Flower (60%)
Beauty Bun Chockin Beauty bun chockin.png Egg with a Flower (40%)
Beautiful Chockin Beautiful chockin.png Egg with a Flower (10%)
Romantic Chockin Romantic chockin.png Egg with a Flower (10%)
Fluffy Chockin Fluffy chockin.png Fur Egg (60%)
Fluffy Tail Chockin Fluffy tail chockin.png Fur Egg (60%)
Foxy Chockin Foxy chockin.png Fur Egg (40%)
Wolfy Chockin Wolfy chockin.png Fur Egg (40%)
Lil Bun Chockin Lil bun chockin.png Fur Egg (10%)
Red Chockin Red chockin.png Hot Egg (60%)
Orange Chockin Orange chockin.png Hot Egg (60%)
Fiery Orange Chockin Fiery orange chockin.png Hot Egg (40%)
Burning Chockin Burning chockin.png Hot Egg (10%)
Red Painted Chockin Red painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Orange Painted Chockin Orange painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Yellow Painted Chockin Yellow painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Green Painted Chockin Green painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Blue Painted Chockin Blue painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Purple Painted Chockin Purple painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Pink Painted Chockin Pink painted chockin.png Painted Egg (60%)
Painted Chockin Painted chockin.png Painted Egg (40%)
Rainbow Painted Chockin Rainbow painted chockin.png Painted Egg (10%)
Gray Chockin Gray chockin.png Stone Egg (60%)
Stone Chockin Stone chockin.png Stone Egg (60%)
Demonic Red Chockin Demonic red chockin.png Stone Egg (40%)
Green Dragon Chockin Green dragon chockin.png Stone Egg (10%)
Acid Green Chockin Acid green chockin.png Swamp Egg (60%)
Green Toad Chockin Green toad chockin.png Swamp Egg (60%)
Moth Chockin Moth chockin.png Swamp Egg (10%)
Melted Chockin Melted chockin.png Swamp Egg (10%)
Azure Chockin Azure chockin.png Water Egg (60%)
Beach Chockin Beach chockin.png Water Egg (60%)
Blue Chockin Blue chockin.png Water Egg (60%)
Turquoise Chockin Turquoise chockin.png Water Egg (60%)
Chockin from the Water Chockin from the water.png Water Egg (40%)
Shark Chockin Shark chockin.png Water Egg (10%)
Dark Wizard Chockin Dark wizard chockin.png Egg of the Darkness (60%)
Cosmic Glades Chockin Cosmic glades chockin.png Egg of the Darkness (60%)
Dark Tailmouth Chockin Dark tailmouth chockin.png Egg of the Darkness (10%)
Armed Chockin Armed chockin.png Egg of the Darkness (10%)
Golden Chockin Golden chockin.png Gold Egg (60%)
Crystal Egg (5%)
Light Chockin Light chockin.png Gold Egg (40%)
Lucky Chockin Lucky chockin.png Gold Egg (5%)
All other Eggs (1%)
Purple Chockin Purple chockin.png Mystery Egg (60%)
Marked Chockin Marked chockin.png Mystery Egg (40%)
Double Tailed Chockin Double tailed chockin.png Mystery Egg (40%)
Floating Chockin Floating chockin.png Mystery Egg (10%)
Pure White Chockin Pure white chockin.png Pure Egg (60%)
Sweet Planet Chockin Sweet planet chockin.png Pure Egg (40%)
Shielded Chockin Shielded chockin.png Pure Egg (10%)
Rainbow Chockin Rainbow chockin.png Rainbow Egg (60%)
Softy Colorful Chockin Softy colorful chockin.png Rainbow Egg (40%)
Iridescent Chockin Iridescent chockin.png Rainbow Egg (10%)
Non-existing Chockin Non-existing chockin.png Abyss Egg (60%)
Empty Chockin Empty chockin.png Abyss Egg (40%)


These Chockins are obtained by planting other Chockins on Planty Bros. Farm

Name Chockin How to Get
Flowery Chockin Flowery Chockin.png Planting Planty Chockin (20%)
Potato Chockin Potato Chockin.png Planting Planty Chockin (1%)
Saplingy Chockin Sapling Chockin.png Planting Planty Chockin (1%)
Treey Chockin Treey Chockin.png Planting Saplingy Chockin (1%)
Lava Chockin Lava Chockin.png Planting Burning Chockin (5%)
Floating Island Chockin Floating Island Chockin.png Planting Floating Chockin (5%)
Moonlight Chockin Moonlight Chockin.png Planting Light Chockin on the 15th of any month (5%)


These Chockins are obtained in various ways other than hatching them.

Name Chockin How to Get
Cleaner Chockin Cleaner chockin.png Sweeping in the Nursery (1%)
Black Mice Chockin Black mice chockin.png Sweeping in The Bank (0.33%)
Exploring with any flower equipped (0.33%)
Gray Mice Chockin Gray mice chockin.png Sweeping in The Bank (0.33%)
Exploring with any flower equipped (0.33%)
White Mice Chockin White mice chockin.png Sweeping in The Bank (0.33%)
Exploring with any flower equipped (0.33%)