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Shapes are a type of item. They are small, sleeping creatures that don't have a soul yet. A shape that has been given a soul will come to life and can be used as a pet. Since souls are currently unreleased, shapes currently have no specific use. They are tradable however, and are commonly sold, traded, or collected by players.

How to Use

There is currently no way to use a Shape, as souls haven't been implemented yet.

List of Shapes


Chockins are the most common shape. There are currently 84 different chockins, most of which can be found by hatching Eggs. For a complete list, please check the Chockins page.


Name Shape How to Get
Broken Knot Puppet Broken knot puppet.png -
Skeleton Mocca Skeleton Mocca.png Skeleton Mocca Candy Bag
Toxic Baby Mimitoka Toxic Baby Mimitoka.png Toxic Mimitoka Candy Bag