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Common Egg.png

Eggs are items that you can place in the Nursery and pat. With enough love, an egg can hatch into a new Chockin.

How to Obtain

Eggs can be obtained in a variety of ways. The main way to get eggs is from the Nursery, where you can earn Care Points and buy them. Common eggs are purchased directly, while buying an uncommon or rare one gives you a random egg of that rarity.

The only eggs unavailable at the nursery are Abyss Eggs, which can be purchased for 20 Nothings at the Non-existing Shop.

While buying eggs is the usual way of obtaining them, some tasks and events also offer them as rewards.

How to Use

In addition to buying eggs at the nursery, you can also use them there. If you've purchased a nest, just place an egg in there. You, and anyone else in the group, can now pat it to raise its percentage and earn Care Points. Once it's been pat enough to reach 100%, you'll be able to hatch it into a chockin. You'll also receive an Eggshell for each egg you hatch, no matter what's inside it. How much closer it gets to hatching from each pat varies based on nest level, but other factors can influence it too.


Egg Rarities

Eggs come in four different rarities that vary in price and content. The rarer eggs are more expensive, but more valuable Chockins can hatch from them.

Rarity Cost
Common 5 CP
Uncommon 20 CP
Rare 40 CP

List of all Eggs

Rarity Egg Contents

Common Egg.png Common Egg

Yellow Chockin (60%)
Beige Chockin (40%)
Brown Chockin (40%)
Raccoon Chockin (30%)
Albino Chockin (1%)
Melan Chockin (1%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Cloud Egg.png Cloud Egg

Light Blue Chockin (60%)
Cloudy Chockin (40%)
Disappearing Chockin (10%)
Winged Sky Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Crystal Egg.png Crystal Egg

Snow Chockin (60%)
Light Pink Chockin (60%)
Ice Chockin (40%)
Robot Chockin (10%)
Crystal Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Egg of Nature.png Egg of Nature

Planty Chockin (60%)
Mossy Chockin (40%)
Blossom Chockin (40%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Egg with a Flower.png Egg with a Flower

Chockin with a Flower (60%)
Pinkish Flowers x5 (60%)
Mystery Bag - Flowers (50%)
Beauty Bun Chockin (40%)
Pink Bow (40%)
Beautiful Chockin (10%)
Romantic Chockin (10%)
Colorful Bouquet (2%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Fur Egg.png Fur Egg

Fluffy Chockin (60%)
Fluffy Tail Chockin (60%)
Foxy Chockin (40%)
Wolfy Chockin (40%)
Lil Bun Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Hot Egg.png Hot Egg

Red Chockin (60%)
Orange Chockin (60%)
Fiery Orange Chockin (40%)
Burning Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Painted Egg.png Painted Egg

Red Painted Chockin (60%)
Orange Painted Chockin (60%)
Yellow Painted Chockin (60%)
Green Painted Chockin (60%)
Blue Painted Chockin (60%)
Purple Painted Chockin (60%)
Pink Painted Chockin (60%)
Painted Chockin (40%)
Rainbow Painted Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Stone Egg.png Stone Egg

Gray Chockin (60%)
Stone Chockin (60%)
Demonic Red Chockin (40%)
Green Dragon Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Swamp Egg.png Swamp Egg

Acid Green Chockin (60%)
Green Toad Chockin (60%)
Moth Chockin (10%)
Melted Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Water Egg.png Water Egg

Azure Chockin (60%)
Beach Chockin (60%)
Blue Chockin (60%)
Turquoise Chockin (60%)
Chockin from the Water (40%)
Shark Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Egg of The Darkness.png Egg of the Darkness

Dark Wizard Chockin (60%)
Cosmic Glades Chockin (60%)
Dark Tailmouth Chockin (10%)
Armed Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Gold Egg.png Gold Egg

Golden Chockin (60%)
Light Chockin (40%)
Lucky Chockin (5%)

Mystery Egg.png Mystery Egg

Purple Chockin (60%)
Marked Chockin (40%)
Double Tailed Chockin (40%)
Floating Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Pure Egg.png Pure Egg

Pure White Chockin (60%)
Sweet Planet Chockin (40%)
Shielded Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Rainbow Egg.png Rainbow Egg

Rainbow Chockin (60%)
Softy Colorful Chockin (40%)
Iridescent Chockin (10%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)

Abyss Egg.png Abyss Egg

Non-existing Chockin (60%)
Empty Chockin (40%)
Lucky Chockin (1%)