Egg of The Darkness

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Egg of The Darkness
Egg of The Darkness.png
"Beautiful egg covered by the magic of shadows and night."
Type: Egg
Rarity: Rare
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 20 NP
How to Obtain
Nursery (from buying a random rare egg)

An Egg of The Darkness is one of several rare Eggs.


Name Chockin Chance Amount
Dark Wizard Chockin Dark wizard chockin.png 60% 1
Cosmic Glades Chockin Cosmic glades chockin.png 60% 1
Dark Tailmouth Chockin Dark tailmouth chockin.png 10% 1
Armed Chockin Armed chockin.png 10% 1
Lucky Chockin Lucky chockin.png 1% 1