Mystery Bag - Flowers

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Mystery Bag - Flowers
Mystery bag - flowers.png
"A weird bag with a scent of random."
Type: Container
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 10 NP
How to Obtain
Egg with a Flower (50%)

Mystery Bag - Flowers is a Container that can be opened at Backpack Unlocker's Hut.

Each bag drops at least one of the items listed below when opened. A Nothing will only be dropped if no other items are inside it.

Name Item Chance Amount
Cyan Flowers Cyan flowers.png 18% 1-2
Forgetful Flowers Forgetful flowers.png 18% 1-2
Magenta Flowers Magenta flowers.png 18% 1-2
Crystal Flowers Crystal flowers.png 18% 1-2
White Floffers White floffers.png 18% 1-2
Pinkish Flowers Pinkish flowers.png 18% 1-2
Mintish Flowers Mintish flowers.png 18% 1-2
Starlight Flowers Starlight flowers.png 18% 1-2
Magenta Flowers* Magenta flowers.png 18% 1-2
Rainbow Flower Rainbow Flower.png 4% 1-2
Colorful Bouquet Colorful Bouquet.png 1% 1
Nothing Nothing.png ???% 1

*The magenta flowers being on here twice is intentional. The drops spreadsheet lists them twice, and it is in fact possible to receive them twice in one bag.