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The Meadows

The Meadows is a location where you can explore and dig to find items.

How to Use


The main use for the Meadows is to explore for items. Every time you explore you'll always find one item, and you can explore once every 24 hours.

You can also spend a Dorya Heart to do a Great Explore, which always gives you two items and has no cooldown.

Art Exploring

Art Exploring is when you explore by drawing a picture of a Torimori in a location rather than just using a command. Art Exploring will almost always give you more items than the daily exploring, and has no cooldown. The only limits are how many drawings you can make. Note that exploration art always requires at least one fullbody shot of a torimori, and a background.



Digging is when you use a Shovel to dig for items. Each shovel can only be used once and will break afterwards. You will always receive at least one item from digging, and there are no cooldowns. Your only limit to how much you can dig is how many shovels you have.

You can also spend a Dorya Heart to do a Great Dig, which always gives you at least two items and adds a 5% chance to find one Shiny Coin.


Explores the area to find an item. Can only be used once every 24 hours.

!!great explore
Explores the area to find two items. Has no cooldown. Requires a Dorya Heart.

Digs for items. Requires a Shovel. Each shovel breaks after one use.

!!great dig
Like regular digging, but with a guaranteed minimum of at least two items. Has a 5% chance of finding a Shiny Coin. Requires a Shovel. Each shovel breaks after one use.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.

List of Items

A list of items available in this location can also be found here.


Name Item Amount Explore Chance Art Explore Chance
Green Grass Green grass.png 1-2 39% 80%
Pinkish Flowers Pinkish flowers.png 1 9.5% 50%
Mintish Flowers Mintish flowers.png 1 9.5% 50%
Branch Branch.png 1 9% 50%
Gray Stone Gray stone.png 1 9% 50%
Pom Fruit Pom fruit.png 1-2 5.5% 35%
Starlight Flowers Starlight flowers.png 1 4.2% 30%
Magenta Flowers Magenta flowers.png 1 1% 10%
Pink Striped Candy Pink striped candy.png 1 0.5%
(9% in spring)
(50% in spring)
Paper Butterfly Paper butterfly.png 1 0.5% 5%
Mystery Bag - Flowers Mystery bag - flowers.png 1 0.21% 3%
Rainbow Flower Rainbow Flower.png 1 0.18% 2%
Nothing Nothing.png 1 ??? ???%


Name Item Amount Chance
Green Grass Green grass.png 2-5 100%
Dirt Dirt.png 3-6 100%