Dorya Heart

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Dorya Heart
Dorya heart.png
"The essence of effort, formed in the little shining floating heart. Using it, your action becomes super effective. (great actions)"
Type: Usable
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 1 NP
How to Obtain

An Dorya Heart is an item that can be used to make certain commands more effective. Each great command uses up one Dorya Heart.

There is no consistent way to get Dorya Hearts, but they are frequently a reward during events.

Great Commands

!!great pat - Nursery
Raises an egg to 100% and has no cooldown.

!!great explore - All Exploring Locations
Guaranteed to receive two items and has no cooldown.

!!great dig - All Exploring Locations
Guaranteed to receive at least two items. Adds a 5% chance to find a Shiny Coin.

!!great try the luck - Magic Fountain
Lowers the cooldown from 7 days to 3 days.