Magic Fountain

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The Magic Fountain.

The Magic Fountain is a location where you have a chance to get many random items.

How to Use

Using the Magic Fountain is simple; just throw a single NP into it and see what happens. Using the fountain costs 1 NP, but it'll always give you some NP back. If you're lucky, you might find a Potion too, or perhaps a Shiny Coin if you're really lucky. You can only use the Magic Fountain once every seven days, although using a Dorya Heart reduces it to three days.


!!try the luck
Spend 1 NP to get something random. Once per seven days.

!!great try the luck
Just like !!try the luck, except with a cooldown of three days. Requires a Dorya Heart.

Sweeps around the fountain if you have a Pretty Broom equipped. Check the Pretty Broom page for more information.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.

Available Items

Every time you try the luck you'll receive 10-25 NP, and have a chance of receiving one of the following items:

Name Item Chance
Refresh Water M Refresh water m.png 15%
Potion of Change Potion of change.png 7%
Beast Potion M Beast potion m.png 3%
Tailor Potion M Tailor potion m.png 3%
Ancient Potion M Ancient potion m.png 2%
Air Potion M Air potion m.png 2%
Fire Potion M Fire potion m.png 2%
Water Potion M Water potion m.png 2%
Light Potion M Light potion m.png 2%
Growing Potion M Growing potion m.png 2%
Insect Potion M Insect potion m.png 2%
Crystal Potion M Crystal potion m.png 2%
Sage Potion M Sage potion m.png 1%
Shadow Potion M Shadow potion m.png 1%
Prismatic Potion M Prismatic potion m.png 1%
Aura Potion M Aura potion m.png 1%
Shiny Coin Shiny coin.png 1%