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"Fresh and greeny, nice to making the tea!"
Type: Trinket
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 2 NP
How to Obtain
Green Valley
Sweeping (Magic Fountain and Planty Bros. Farm)
Planty Bros. Farm - Farming/Chopping/Recycling

Leaves are a trinket you can collect. It is one of the items needed to upgrade a nest at the Nursery.

There are many ways to get leaves through simple tasks like sweeping or exploring;
- Exploring in the Green Valley has a chance to give you 1-2 leaves
- Sweeping Planty Bros. Farm has a 50% chance to give you 1 leaves
- Sweeping the Magic Fountain can give you between 1 & 10 leaves (1 more leaves for each hour it’s been since it was swept).

On Planty Bros. Farm you can get;
- 2-3 leaves from harvesting an Oak tree or 5-10 leaves from chopping an Oak tree
- There’s a 50% chance to get 2-4 leaves from chopping a Poko Berry tree
- You can recycle a Poko Berry for an 80% chance to get 1 leaves
- Harvesting a Treey Chockin also has a 50% chance to drop 3-6 leaves