Planty Bros. Farm

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Alder tending to some plants at the farm.

Planty Bros. Farm is a location where you can grow plants to get Fruit.

How to Use


The first thing you need to do is buy a spot. A spot is just a patch of dirt to grow plants on. You can have up to nine spots, and each one can only grow one plant at a time. Your first spot costs 10 Dirt to get, and the amount of dirt needed gets higher for each new spot.

Spot # Dirt Required
Spot 1 10 Dirt
Spot 2 20 Dirt
Spot 3 30 Dirt
Spot 4 40 Dirt
Spot 5 50 Dirt
Spot 6 80 Dirt
Spot 7 150 Dirt
Spot 8 250 Dirt
Spot 9 500 Dirt
Spot 10 9999 Dirt
Spot 11 99999999999 Dirt

Growing Plants

Once you have at least one spot, you'll be able to grow plants from seeds. Seeds can be found from recycling fruits, or by identifying Unknown Seeds at the Non-existing Shop. If you have a seed, you can just plant it on a spot; after some amount of time it'll finish growing and you'll be able to harvest fruit from it. You can always see how much longer it will take for a harvest to be ready with the spot info command.

There are three types of plants: Trees, Bushes, and Crops. Trees and bushes take longer to grow, but will keep producing fruit until you clear it or chop it down. Crops grow faster, but need to be replanted after one harvest.

If you no longer want a specific plant to grow, you can clear it or chop it down. Clearing a plant out destroys it completely, and you will not get any items out of doing this. Chopping a tree or bush down requires having an Iron Axe in your inventory and can only be done when a harvest is ready, but will give you one last harvest of fruit as well as other items like Branches or Wood.

Recycling Fruit

Another important thing you can do here is recycle your fruits. Recycling a fruit removes it from your inventory and gives you seeds, and sometimes other items.


!!buy spot
Spends dirt to obtain a spot to plant seeds on. The dirt requirement for each spot is listed above.

!!spots info
Shows the current status of your spots and plants. Can also be shortened to just !!info.

!!plant (seed) on (spot number)
Plants a seed on an empty spot.

!!harvest (spot number)
Harvests fruit from a spot, as long as the fruit is ready for harvest.

!!chop (spot number)
Chops down a tree or bush to remove it from a spot. Can only be done when its ready for harvest, and gives more items than a normal harvest. Requires an Iron Axe.

!!clear (spot number)
Removes any plant from a spot. Can be done at any time, but does not give any items.

!!recycle (fruit)
Recycles a fruit to give you seeds, and sometimes other items.

Sweeps the farm if you have a Pretty Broom equipped. Check the Pretty Broom page for more information.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.

Obtainable Items


Seed Plant Harvest Amount Growing Time
Pom Tree Seed.png
Pom Tree Seed
Pom Tree
Pom fruit.png
Pom Fruit
2-3 First Harvest: 7 days
Later Harvests: 2 days
Poko Seed.png
Poko Seed
Poko Tree
Poko berry.png
Poko Berry
3-5 First Harvest: 7 days
Later Harvests: 2 days
Oak Tree
Acorn - Leaves
First Harvest: 7 days
Later Harvests: 2 days
Appa Seed.png
Appa Seed
Appa Bush
Appa berry.png
Appa Berry
3-5 First Harvest: 5 days
Later Harvests: 2 days
Orange Banana Seed.png
Orange Banana Seed
Orange Banana
Orange banana.png
Orange Banana
1 12 hours
Hot Banana Seed.png
Hot Banana Seed
Hot Banana
Hot banana.png
Hot Banana
2-4 20 hours
Pumpkin Seed.png
Pumpkin Seed
1 2 days
Tree Ornament - Magic Seed.png
Tree Ornament - Magic Seed
Magic Plant
Tree Ornament - Red Berry.png Tree Ornament - Shooting Star.png Tree Ornament - Sweet Purple.png Tree Ornament - Frozen Wind.png Tree Ornament - Orange.png Tree Ornament - Little Slime.png Tree Ornament - Magic Seed.png
Tree Ornament - Red Berry (10%) - Tree Ornament - Shooting Star (10%) - Tree Ornament - Sweet Purple (10%) - Tree Ornament - Frozen Wind (10%) - Tree Ornament - Orange (10%) - Tree Ornament - Little Slime (10%) - Tree Ornament - Magic Seed (10%)
0-1 for each 1 day
Weird Seed.png
Weird Seed
Weird Tree
Blue Gem Candy.png Green Gem Candy.png Purple Gem Candy.png Orange Gem Candy.png Nothing.png
Blue Gem Candy (50%) - Green Gem Candy (50%) - Purple Gem Candy (50%) - Orange Gem Candy (50%) - Nothing (6%)
2-25 (candy)
First Harvest: 14 days
Later Harvests: 7 days


Plant Items Obtained
Pom Tree Pom Fruit x2-3
Wood x2-3
Branch x2-3
Cotton x2-4 (50%)
Poko Tree Poko Berry x3-5
Wood x2-3
Branch x2-3
Leaves x2-4 (50%)
Oak Tree Acorn x3-8
Leaves x5-10
Wood x5-10
Branch x4-8
Appa Bush Appa Berry x3-5
Branch x4-11
Weird Tree Weird Wood x4-8
Skeleton Mocca Candy Bag x1-2 (50%)
Toxic Mimitoka Candy Bag x1-2 (50%)
Blind Mikazu Candy Bag x1-2 (50%)
Lica Candy Bag x1-2 (50%)
Fallen Torimori Candy Bag x1-2 (25%)


Item(s) Quantity Recycled From
Cotton.pngPom Tree Seed.png
Cotton - Pom Tree Seed (50%)
1(Pom Tree Seed)
Pom Fruit
Poko Seed.pngLeaves.png
Poko Seed - Leaves (80%)
3-11(Poko Seed)
Poko Berry
Appa Seed.png
Appa Seed
1-2 Appa Berry
Orange Banana Seed.png
Orange Banana Seed
2-16 Orange Banana
Hot Banana Seed.png
Hot Banana Seed
2-5 Hot Banana
Pumpkin Seed.png
Pumpkin Seed
2-5 Pumpkin


These Chockins can only be obtained by planting other Chockins!

Name Chockin How to Get Growing Time
Flowery Chockin Flowery Chockin.png Planting Planty Chockin (20%) 24 Hours
Potato Chockin Potato Chockin.png Planting Planty Chockin (1%) 7 Days
Saplingy Chockin Sapling Chockin.png Planting Planty Chockin (1%) 7 Days
Treey Chockin Treey Chockin.png Planting Saplingy Chockin (1%) 14 Days
Lava Chockin Lava Chockin.png Planting Burning Chockin (5%) 7 Days
Floating Island Chockin Floating Island Chockin.png Planting Floating Chockin (5%) 7 Days
Moonlight Chockin Moonlight Chockin.png Planting Light Chockin on the 15th of any month (5%) 1 Day

Chockin Drops

These items can be obtained by planting Chockins!

Name Chockin How to Get Growing Time
Leaves Leaves.png Planting Treey Chockin (50% to get 3-6) 2 Hours
Unknown Seeds Unknown seeds.png Planting Treey Chockin (50% to get 3-6) 2 Hours
Crystallized Soil Crystallized soil.png Planting Crystal Chockin (50% to get 1) 2 Hours
Floating Stone Floating Stone.png Planting Floating Island Chockin (5% to get 1) 2 Hours
Sizzle Shards Sizzle shards.png Planting Lava Chockin (5% to get 1) 2 Hours
Angelic Wings Angelic wings.png 50% chance to drop when a Winged Sky Chockin disappears 2 Hours
Clover Clover.png Planting Lucky Chockin (20% to get 1-2) 2 Hours
Four-leaf Clover Four-leaf Clover.png Planting Lucky Chockin (1% to get 1) 777 Hours (32 Days & 9 Hours)
Chockins Non-existing chockin.png Planting Non-existing Chockin
(5% to transform into ANY chockin with Imaginator Machine 2000 equipped)
2 Hours