Pom Tree Seed

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'Pom Tree Seed
Pom Tree Seed.png
"The soft and fluffy is still sleeping"
Type: Seeds
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 1 NP
How to Obtain
Non-existing Shop (Identifying Unknown Seeds) for 1 Seed
Planty Bros. Farm (Recycling Pom Fruit) for 1 Seed (80%)

A Pom Tree Seed is a type of seed. It takes 7 Days to grow and produce one fully grown Pom Tree on Planty Bros. Farm. The tree can either be harvested for 2-3 Pom Fruits or been chopped down for Pom Fruit, Branches and Wood (each 2-3). There is a 50% for the chopped tree to drop 2-4 Cotton. The tree can be reharvested every two days.