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Equip Items are a type of item you can equip to gain special effects. Each item has its own effect, but only one can be equipped at once.

How to Use

Every item you can equip has its own use. Most are passive effects, but some add entirely new features (the Pretty Broom lets you use the !!sweep command, for example).

Items can be equipped or unequipped at The Bank. Only one item can be equipped at once, and any other items that are equipped will unequip the first. You can also only equip an item once every twelve hours.

List of Equip Items

All items you can equip are listed here. For any further information on an item's affects, please check its page.

Name Item Effect Where to Get
Brush Brush.png Gives an extra Care Point when patting an Egg at the Nursery. Nursery
Brush of Chaos Brush of chaos.png Gives a random percentage to any Egg pat at the Nursery. Non-existing Shop
Imaginator Machine 2000 Non-existing chockin.png Makes Mythical Items visible. Non-existing Shop
Neat Basket Neat basket.png Has a 50% chance of doubling flowers found when exploring. Lon's Potions Shop
Pretty Broom Pretty broom.png Lets you use the !!sweep command on several locations. Nursery
Ying-Yang amulet Ying-yang amulet.png ??? -