Brush of Chaos

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Brush of Chaos
Brush of chaos.png
"Brush with bristles of different lengths and an unstable handle shape. It always gives unpredictable result, however, it will never make it worse!"
Type: Equip
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 66 NP
How to Obtain
Non-existing Shop

Brush of Chaos is a brush you can equip to affect patting in the Nursery. When equipped, it completely ignored standard bonuses from nest level or random pats and instead gives the egg that's been pat an entirely random percentage increase.

All Possible Percentages:

  • 1% pat (10% chance)
  • 3% pat (30% chance)
  • 5% pat (60% chance)
  • 50% pat (30% chance)
  • 100% pat (10% chance)