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Materials is a type of item used mainly for crafting in Boroto's Workshop. They can be gathered from all over the place!

List of Materials

Name Material How to Get Recipes used in
Gray Stone Gray stone.png Green Valley (Dig or Explore)
Meadows (Explore)
Simple Hammer
Branch Branch.png Green Valley (Explore)
Planty Bros. Farm (Chopping)
Simple Hammer, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Snowtori
Wood Wood.png Planty Bros. Farm (Chopping) None yet
Liana Rope Liana rope.png Forest Chest Simple Hammer, Hammerken
Simple Hammer Simple Hammer.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) Hammerken
Need to own 1 to make; Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe
Iron Ore Iron ore.png Green Valley (Digging) Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe
Silver Ore Silver ore.png Green Valley (Digging) None yet
Gold Ore Gold ore.png Green Valley (Digging) Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot Gold ingot.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) None yet
Coal Coal.png Cold Valley (digging) Snowtori, Eyed Cotton
Snow Snow.png Cold Valley (digging) Snowball, Snowtori
Snowball Snowball.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) Snowtori
Orange Banana Orange banana.png Planty Bros. Farm (farming) Snowtori
Green Grass Green grass.png Meadows (Exploring or Digging
Green Valley (Exploring or Digging)
Forest Chest
Sand Sand.png Very Common Beach (Digging)
Beach of Trinkets (Digging)
Sand Castle
Bunch of Tiny Flags Bunch of tiny flags.png Beach of Trinkets (Exploring) Sand Castle
Pom Fruit Pom fruit.png Planty Bros. Farm (Chopping or Harvesting)
Meadows (Exploring)
Cotton Cotton.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) Cotton Thread, Eyed Cotton
Cotton Thread Cotton Thread.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) Cotton Fabric, Eyed Cotton
Cotton Fabric Cotton Fabric.png Boroto's Workshop (Crafting) None yet
Cyan Flowers Cyan flowers.png Green Valley (Exploring) Colorful Bouquet
Pinkish Flowers Pinkish flowers.png Meadows (Exploring) Colorful Bouquet
Mintish Flowers Mintish flowers.png Meadows (Exploring) Colorful Bouquet, Flower Crown
Starlight Flowers Starlight flowers.png Meadows (Exploring) Colorful Bouquet, Flower Crown
Forgetful Flowers Forgetful flowers.png Green Valley (Exploring) Colorful Bouquet, Flower Crown
Magenta Flowers Magenta flowers.png Green Valley (Exploring)
Meadows (Exploring)
Colorful Bouquet, Flower Crown