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The task banner featured for most of 2017, from July to November. From November onward a more custom formatting was used for tasks, not featuring a banner.
Task 0 - Mascot Guessing

An unofficial task that ran between June 28th and July 5th, 2017.

Chibitori was the first official mascot but there were more on the way. Players had TWO chances to guess what the next two Tori’s, (later revealed to be Lon and Tina), were going to look and act like in as much detail as possible.

The person who guessed the closest to each Tori was rewarded an MYO ticket. And anyone who guessed some traits, but weren’t the closest, won NP.

Task 1 - Mascots

The first task ran between July 9th and July 16th, 2017.

It required people to make artwork of Lon, Chibitori, or Tina, (the original three mascots), or any combination of the three of them. If you weren’t a visual artist, there was also a writing option to write a story about them.

The reward was NP, a minimum of 50, with the reward increasing with the quality of the work submitted. Each person was able to submit 4 pieces.

Task 2 - Tori's

The second task ran between July 17th and July 25th, 2017.

It required people to make artwork of any Tori that existed at the time, including mascots, adopts, and MYOs (with permission). Writing was not allowed for this task.

The reward for task 2 was NP, with this scoring system used;

For digital/traditional work:

10 NP for a fullbody of a Tori

+ 10 NP for coloring
+ 10 NP for shading/lighting
+ 10 NP for simple animation (floating/blinking)
+ 100 NP for complex animation (at least 3 unique frames)
+ 25 NP for complex Background
+ 10 NP for simple/abstract BG

For pixelart:

30 NP for a colored fullbody of a Tori

+ 10 NP for shading/lighting
+ 10 NP for simple animation (floating/blinking)
+ 125 NP for complex animation (at least 3 unique frames)
+ 50 NP for complex and clean Background
+ 10 NP for simple/abstract BG
+ 30 NP if this is 50x50 icon
+ 40 NP if this is pagedoll (not bigger than 200x200 and looks like pagedoll)

Each person was able to submit 6 pieces for the task, but each piece had to be of a different Tori

Task 3 - Questions

The third task ran between July 26th and August 2nd, 2017.

Players were asked to answer three questions;

1) How/where you meet us?
2) Which one tori is your favorite atm and why?
3) What do you like to buy in shop? :3

Each answer required at least 10 words, and rewarded 50 NP per question answered.

Task 4 - Llamas

The fourth task ran between August 3rd and August 13th, 2017.

There were 5 ways for people to earn NP;

— Give a Llama badge to the NyamrianWorkshop DA group for 50 NP
— Draw a Llama, any kind of Llama for 20 NP (Could be repeated up to 10 times)
— Turn Lon into a Llama for 50 NP
— Advertise/ Describe the community in a DA journal for 50 NP
— Refer people to the Tori Dimension for 100 NP per new person you brought to the group. As long as they drew at some Llamas!

Task 5 - Magic Practice

The fifth task ran between August 14th and August 20th, 2017.

There were two ways to earn NP through this task;

Seven numbers between 1 & 100 were randomly chosen. Each person could make a guess as to what five of them were. Each correctly guessed number rewarded 150 NP. If three numbers were guessed correctly you were given an Aura Potion M.

The randomly chosen numbers were…
“ 1, 9, 14, 38, 67, 77, 89”

You could also draw your own Tori(s) practicing magic for 150 NP!

People also had a chance to receive a Magic Ticket in addition to NP.

Task 6 - Gifts

The fourth task ran between August 24th and September 9th 13th, 2017.

For this task people had to post their Tori’s and then make gift artwork of either another person’s Tori, or one of the three mascots.

Each piece could only contain 1 Tori but you were able to submit two pieces.

Rewards were NP following the below scoring;

You will get 50 NP for every drawing of torimori, BUT:
- x0.3 for headshot, x0.5 for halfbody, x1 for fullbody
- x0.3 for sketch, x0.5 for lineart, x1 for colored/shaded
- x1 for transparent/abstract BG, x1.2 for non-abstract BG, x1.5 for detailed BG

- Up to x3 bonus for quality (bonus from admin)