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Diego icon.png
"Please, say that you have some floffer flowers that I can gift to this beautiful lady?! q w q"
Type: NPCs
Ears: None
Head: None
Neck: None
Breast: None
Body: Sparkles MIX
(Shining Aura ATR + Light MT)
Wings: None
Legs: None
Tail: None

A Tori who finds Tina very attractive. Was featured in a couple tasks and events, where the community helped as he tried to woo her.


“ A dreamer who is not very brave or determined, but if friends need support - he will definitely help. His head in the clouds very often and sometimes he gets into trouble because of this. He has an unusual thinking and he rarely thinks about how others perceive him. Being alone with himself likes to talk with plants, especially with flowers. Not like he understands them, but he really loves the plants and the life at all, so he shares with them by the feelings. However, he is pretty shy with other torimoris.”



“AHH, Tinaria!! >/////< Can I keep in secret my feelings about this little flower? Anyway, she is a great friend and very charming person...“


Lon is definitely a good man! I feel like he cares about his sister. He looks very cool, but actually he is a very warm person with a kind heart...”


Chibitori is simple, however this is why I'm not sure how to speak with him... I feel uncomfortable a little, because he literally loves everything and this is so unusual to me, he is like my plants, but torimori, huh?? I don't understand! And I'm afraid of this”

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