Seasonal Currency

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Seasonal Currency, also known as Candies, are a type of item used as currency in the Seasonal Shop. There are four different types, one for each season. Each variety of Seasonal Currency can only be used during its respective season. They can also be sold for 5 NP each.

How to Obtain

Seasonal Currencies can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Randomly found and claimed in certain locations (currently unavailable)
  • Event rewards
  • Exploring in the Meadows (Pink Striped Candy only) or Cold Valley (Blue Striped Candy only)
  • Opening a Crystal Chest (Blue Striped Candy only)
  • Opening any candy bag (Pumpkin Candy and Blue Striped Candy only)

List of Seasonal Currencies

Name Currency Season
Pink Striped Candy Pink striped candy.png Spring
Sunflower Candy Sunflower candy.png Summer
Pumpkin Candy Pumpkin candy.png Autumn
Blue Striped Candy Blue striped candy.png Winter