Nyamrian Workshop

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Nyamrian Workshop is a magic workshop located in the light part of Nyamrian. It's a place where magicians and even some lords create new kind of creatures and observe potential of the Life power. This is their hobby, their art and maybe even the meaning of life.

The creatures made here become companions for powerful magicians and wealthy families later, sometimes they are needed to become a part of some world. Gods of other worlds share their technologies, in exchange Nyamrian Workshop create for them the species or a whole biome inhabited by different creatures.

The workshop was created and organized by Lord of Life who is honorable in Nyamrian, he also protects this place from others and sometimes being involved into the work too. However, their scholars do most of work, also other special trained mages and even some other Lords.


The workshop looks like a classic medieval hut from the outside, with a guest room and kitchen. A middle-aged man (that's actually a guardian of this place and the Spirit Summoner) lives here and meet the guests.

But it's only illusion. The real workshop is located behind the door, which the guard will never open to a simple crook. Inside there is a huge laboratory and just a beautiful place that 100 times bigger than a hut. There is a huge space for creatures - with a small river, grass and a waterfall, a library with scrolls and ancient books, a magical chest with tons of ingredients saved in the emptiness...

The portal to the Torimori Dimension and some others dimensions are also located here.