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Ghostly Tori.png
"Ah! H-hello! Do you want to trade? I like pumpkins..."
Type: Minor NPCs
Ears: Air MT
Head: Air MT
Neck: Air MT
Breast: Air MT
Body: Air MT
Wings: Air MT
Legs: Air MT
Tail: Air MT

For some reason, this little one just lost their visual part of physical body. It levitates and wears a bedsheet to talk with you, because found it so strange to be a talking emptiness.

“Ghostly Tori” was introduced as part of the Halloween 2018 event as one of the “Damaged Ally” Tori’s. People were able to draw their Tori carrying Ghostly Tori to The Path to receive between 2 and 3 Skeleton Mocca Candy Bag.

The Tori was later named Ghostie and became the mascot for the Autumn Seasonal Shop where People can trade their Pumpkin Candy in for Autumn/Halloween themed items and potions!