Collapsed Tori

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Collapsed Tori
Collapsed Tori.png
Type: Minor NPCs
Ears: Cloth MT
Head: Cloth MT
Neck: Cloth MT
Breast: Cloth MT
Body: Cloth MT
Wings: Cloth MT
Legs: Cloth MT
Tail: Cloth MT

Torimori, who tried to master the Tailor Power, but understood things too literally and sewed themself by the strings. As result - the lifeless threads replaced the essence of the connections in their psyche, which caused the physical body to fall apart, because they can't control these threads.

Collapsed Tori was introduced as part of the Halloween 2018 event as one of the “Damaged Ally” Tori’s. People were able to draw their Tori carrying Collapsed Tori to The Path to receive between 2 and 3 Blind Mikazu Candy Bag.