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"Ooo, friend!! Welcome to my house! Do you want something? A cookie? >:3 Or, did you bring me some resources? Let's create something together!"
Type: NPCs
Ears: Metallic MT
Head: Metallic MT
Neck: Metallic MT
Breast: Metallic MT
Body: Metallic MT
Wings: Metallic MT
Legs: Metallic MT
Tail: Metallic MT

The owner of Boroto's Workshop, Boroto is a kind and friendly Tori, and the first fully mechanical one too!


“Boroto is super friendly with everyone, because he doesn't know how to be sad! It was the very first full-metal torimori, programmed to be happy. Some torimoris doesn't believe in his existing, because it's abnormally to live in fully non-biological body. However, Boroto is alive and even have his own soul. His mind is limited a little, because he doesn't understand the spectre of negative emotions, however, he understands everything else. Well... in his robotic way!

He loves pink color, also anything cute and kawaii. When he was visiting the Earth - he found many funny cartoons, also he liked anime so much. KAWAII DESU~”



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