Nyamrian World

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Nyamrian World is a great world full of magic and powerful magicians. Contrary to popular belief, most Torimoris are not living there, however, they can be the companions of nobility. This world is dangerous for any creatures and people, because of Gods and Lords living here. Some of them don't mind to use their powers to destroy helpless creatures for their experiments or just because of being in a bad mood. To avoid damage, people conclude an agreement with other gods and lords to protect their lands.

Despite the danger, most of Nyamrian World looks beautiful. Territories full of green grass and blue skies, and the air is filled with magic. Fairies, unicorns and even dragons and many new kinds of common and magical creatures are living here.

In one of these places you can find the Nyamrian Workshop. It's a hidden place protected by illusion magic, and is also under the protection of the Lord of Life created this place.

World Traveling

Nyamrian has connections with all other worlds through the Space. To move between worlds, a person must be trained, have enough strength and knowledge. Usually they use Path magic. Ordinary people rarely travel between worlds, but merchants use portals and portal services.