Chibitori Post Office

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Chibitori with a letter. Who's it for?

Chibitori Post Office is a location where you can send gifts to NPCs and befriend them.

How to Use

This location is used to start Relationships with the NPC torimoris. This is done by gifting them a First Impression. Once you've done that, you'll be able to send them any items you want. Some items will be more liked than others, and each NPC has preferences for certain items too.

Once a Relationship has leveled up, that torimori will send you new mail. This mail will contain a nice little message and an item, so it's a good item to check your mail when you get it.

Currently, the only NPC you can start a Relationship with is Tori Assistant.

For more detailed information on how Relationships work, please check the Relationships page.


!!gift to (NPC) (item)
Give an item to an NPC. Can only be used once every 24 hours. (Example: !!gift to tori assistant plushie fluffle charm etc.)

!!check mail
Used to read new mail.

!!check contacts
Shows all relationships and their progress.

Note: Commands are not case sensitive, so capitalization doesn't matter. Spelling does, however, so make sure to spell each item name exactly as is.