Archaeopteryx Wings ATR

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Type: Attribute
Related power: Ancient
Potions: Ancient Potion M
Zone of placement: Wings

Description: Adds the arche... archioe... turns the wings of torimorito feathered hands like that ancient dino-birb have!


Primordial features of upgrade.
Mix this upgrade with other materials and attributes, to get more properties.

Yes - it must have this property. (e.g. Water Material must be transparent a little, but Slimy Material don't have to)
Can be ... - it can has this property, but doesn't have to
No - it must not have this property, unless it's combined with another upgrade that has this property. If there is * after the property - it means you mustn't combine the upgrade, just enough to have this upgrade on the same zone with others, so any other upgrades can have this property too. Visual explaining

- No
- No
- No
Change its form:
- No
Controlled by tori:
- Yes (like normal hand/wings)
- Any


Possibilities and limitations

Default Materials:
(you can use any of these)
- Skin (& Feathers)

- Transforms Tori Wings into the Archeopteryx' Wings
- Doesn't add new body parts (excluding arm at wing end, because it literally looks like this)

Amount (per using 1 potion):
- As many as torimori has Wings (it means, once upgraded - it can transform all wings into archaeopteryx' wings)

Max. amount (limit):
- As many as torimori has Wings

Extra note:
- None