Sea Chest

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Sea Chest
Sea chest.png
"A colorful chest with water related stuff inside!"
Type: Chest
Tradeable: No
Buy Sell
- 25 NP
How to Obtain
Very Common Beach (digging)

Sea Chest is a Chest that can be opened at Backpack Unlocker's Hut. Opening one uses up one Any Key.

Each chest drops some of the items listed below when opened.

Name Item Chance Amount
Common Seashell Common seashell.png 80% 1-2
Sea Star Sea star.png 70% 1
Fir Seaweed Fir seaweed.png 50% 1-2
Plushy Octopie Charm Plushy octopie charm.png 20% 1
Unicorn Seashell Unicorn seashell.png 20% 1
Pearl Pearl.png 20% 1
Torimori Figurine - In Balance Torimori figurine - in balance.png 20% 1
Mystery Rune 4 Mystery rune 4.png 20% 1
Water Potion S Water potion s.png 10% 1
Water Potion M Water potion m.png 5% 1
Shiny Coin Shiny coin.png 2% 1