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Sandre icon.png
"Me is Sandre! I love anything magical, unusual, shiny... and Sandre is torimori too! You can say, Sandre is a big lover of treasures and artifacts!"
Type: NPCs
Ears: None
Head: None
Neck: None
Breast: None
Body: None
Wings: None
Legs: Fur MT

Sandre is an NPC who loves treasures and trinkets!


“Sandre is a crazy monster with a great ability to find the treasures! In fact, she is a very clever torimori, although they don't show it, preferring mad behavior. He often do strange things and she is prone to distraction. But if it is a question of treasure - Sandre is over-concentrated, no one can stop Sandre!!

Periodically speaks in the third person, using she / he / they pronounce, so no one really knows what gender it is. Welp, torimoris have the genderless origin and this tori reminds of that. This makes communication a little bit harder, but in general, no one treats it as something strange!”



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