Mutated Tori

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Mutated Tori
Mutated Tori.png
Type: Minor NPCs
Ears: Extra Ears ATR
Head: Hair MIX - Horns ATR -
Unihorn ATR
Neck: Insect Wings ATR
Breast: None
Body: None
Wings: Cloth MT
Legs: None
Tail: Fish Tail ATR

The little creature that wanted to be stronger, but was too hasty to master their Powers. As a result they became a monster, that’s still adorable, but feeling not ok. They are asking you to help them and zero its upgrades.

Mutated Tori was introduced as part of the Halloween 2018 event as one of the “Damaged Ally” Tori’s. People were able to draw their Tori carrying Mutated Tori to The Path to receive between 2 and 3 Fallen Torimori Candy Bag. Alternately 3 Refresh Water S or Refresh Water M could be used on them to receive the same reward!