Cloudy Tori

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Cloudy Tori
Cloudy Tori.png
Type: Minor NPCs
Ears: Smoke MT
Head: Smoke MT
Neck: Smoke MT
Breast: Smoke MT
Body: Smoke MT
Wings: Smoke MT
Legs: Smoke MT
Tail: Smoke MT

This Tori tried to mix the water and smoke upgrades, but made it too fast. Something’s gone wrong and they lost the sense of earth. Now it tries to stay on the ground, because it's too light to be in the lowlands. The slightest breath of wind carries them away.

Cloudy Tori was introduced as part of the Halloween 2018 event as one of the “Damaged Ally” Tori’s. People were able to draw their Tori carrying Cloudy Tori to The Path to receive between 2 and 3 Lica Candy Bag.