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"Someone locked this thing to hide something! And I can't wait to see what is this!"
Type: NPCs
Ears: None
Head: Light MT
Neck: None
Breast: None
Body: Living Plants ATR + Light MT
Wings: None
Legs: None
Tail: None

Backpack runs Backpack Unlocker's Hut where he’ll open chests, bags, or clams for you, if you’ve got the right stuff.


“A little noisy Torimori, that says he loves adventures, but in fact, the only thing he likes is to find the treasures!.. To find them. Not the treasures themselves. He loves the element of random in his life. He adores tiny accessories that can be attached to the body, especially to the ears. Therefore, he often wears clips, especially plant-themed. He thinks that they give him bonuses, for example, extra points of luck or charisma!”



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