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"OK! Don't panic! I have an idea!"
Type: NPCs
Ears: None
Head: None
Neck: None
Breast: None
Body: None
Wings: None
Legs: None
Tail: None

Chibitori is the first Tori, and acts as the bubbly messenger for the community!


“This blue-eyed boy (literally) is very inquisitive; he loves to learn and share information with others! Chibitori loves so many things that can't choose what he loves more. ”



Tina is a cute sis! ^^ Sometimes I see her trying to be cool and hard, because of her cool brother, and maybe because of her job, but actually, she is very soft and gentle lady! And she often dreams about relax...”


Lon is a cool bro!! I'm proud of him, because he left his first job to become an alchemist! He really loves this profession and the potions he makes are so cool!”


Diego likes to philosophize and tell the stories... he knows a lot!! I like Diego! However, I feel like he's not used to being listened to!”

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